This is not an auction!

You do not show your prices for review and comparison. You have individual deal with each client.


You maintain the balance with your client, outside of our system. Your finances are confidentiality.

Carry in stock

Store your goods in modern conveniently located cold rooms with professional handling and quality control. Your clients can pick their orders at any convenient time.

No commission for sales

You don not pay commission from sales. Expand your target audience and offer your products directly to any scale customers without intermediaries.


If the order amount is not high and the bank commission is not profitable, then we can accept payment from your customer in the distribution center and forward it to you.

Timely and reliable delivery

We offer best logitstic solutions, full documentary support and customs clearance. You can monitor all stages of transportation in your personal account

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Always fresh flowers

You can fix the price and date of flower delivery with the buyer.

Availability 365 days

The buyer always has the opportunity to receive a flower from your farm any day from the distribution center.

All inclusive

The distribution center always has a final price. The price is set by you.

Payment without problems

In the distribution center, the buyer can pay for the order to the local agent. And Direct Sales will immediately send your money to you

Direct contract

The price is negotiated directly between the buyer and you, without intermediaries.

Convenience of storage

The flowers are stored in our refrigerators. The buyer takes the goods as needed.

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About Us

Today Direct Sales Flowers Company has already opened distribution and fulfillment center in Moscow, and this is just the beginning, as the company's goal is to create distribution centers in each country.

The secret of the popularity of Direct Sales Flowers is that the interaction between the farm and the customer is carried out without intermediaries. Reliability, transparency and accessibility are the main principles of Direct Sales Flowers.


We are constantly expanding the geography of our distribution centers.

Do you have a warehouse with a temperature regime?

Are you a customs broker?

Are you air or track transportation?

We are open for cooperation!


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